Meet The UK's First Genderqueer Fashion Label: Bull & Dagger - DapperQ

Original article here by Anita Dolce Vita, DapperQ

“From ready-to-wear blazers with a classic tailored silhouette to impeccably crafted bespoke suiting, UK’s first genderqueer fashion label, Bull & Dagger, offers apparel with “a British heritage aesthetic in mind and tipping a carefully millinered brim to the flamboyant, the dandy, and the fop of a bygone era.

“With a deep understanding of quality in clothing, Bull & Dagger redefines the dandy look by mixing the classic but quirky prints with bold colours and impeccable tailoring. The sole focus of the collection is the small detail: clever stitching, contrast coloured lapels and flamboyant patterns that can elevate an outfit to an art form. Not exclusively for women who gravitate towards bow ties and button-up shirts, the collection suits anyone who embraces fashion as a form of self-expression and even as an extension of self.”
Meera Amin